Auto Weld Chassis and Components, Inc. is a
small company with a big reach! It is
recognized as a fast-growing, worldwide
race car, pro street, street rod and component
manufacturer of over 20 years! With a customer
base that reaches almost around the world,
Auto Weld dedicates its success to satisfied
customers and being able to offer chassis
and components at an economical price and a
quality that rivals even the biggest companies.

Customer cars that have used our products have
been featured in many of the major magazines,
along with featured articles of our products,
and championships won while using our products.
With an owner who believes it is best to manu-
facture everthing "in-house" to ensure quality,
you are guaranteed just that, QUALITY!!
(Although this is not the popular way of
doing things in manufacturing...)

Many racing products are made outside the
country -- that's right! -- racing products!
But, being that as it may, with the country's
tidal wave of manufacturers moving out,
Auto Weld's philosophy is still "MADE IN THE
USA"!! Auto Weld dedicates this catalog to its
customers, and as a plus we are willing to share
race car construction techniques and secrets
that other companies are reluctant to share.
In the installation manual, (which you can
have shipped directly to you with a print
catalog), you, the customer, can see how to
install some of the products before you buy
them. Auto Weld realizes that many customers
are very capable and willing to install
chassis products if given a little guidance
and some simple instruction.

If you are a chassis shop, take a look and
consider our products for your next purchase.
Dealer discounts are encouraged. The people at
Auto Weld are dedicated to treating, you, the
dealer, fairly.

Thank you for your interest